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'The Land' was initiated in 1998 by two Thai artists Kamin Lertchaiprasert and Rirkrit Tiravanija They bought a piece of land which is a 20 minute drive outside of Chaing Mai. Artist friends were asked to contribute by building structures on the site, inspired by buddhist meditation retreat sites. The Land is made up of 3/4's of water and 1/4 of land like that of the human body, there are 2 large rice field's, chickens and a vegetable garden with attempts to aim at sustainable living.' www.thelandfoundation.org
'The Land' has evolved after its first one year project and last year became 'The Land Foundation'. The Land Foundation is a platform of and for social engagement, experimental alternative education at the intersection of debate, and holistic learning. It is aiming to promote and support art and culture, natural farming and self-knowledge through Vipassana meditation. Its activities emphasise education, discussion of ideas, and knowledge-sharing." (www.thelandfoundation.org)

I am taking part as a part-time participant in One Year Project 2 with 'The Land Foundation'.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mobile Rice Seed Bank Project


Mobile Rice Seed Bank Project Proposal

Artists: Seoidin O'Sullivan and Suwan Laimanee

Proposal: We propose to build 'A Mobile Rice Seed Bank' that will be parked at 'The Land'. This Mobile Seed Bank will be able to be cycled to nearby farms and villages in and around 'The Land.' It will act as a point of information on the necessity of 'seed saving'. It will provide information on the different seed varieties and also act as a distribution point for genetic rice seed varieties initially (This can later include other varities of food and vegetable seed).
It is also a point at which people can seed swap, it will
be an interactive community installation to encourage the sharing of local rice seed varieties. It is about returning variety conservation to communities to strengthen the work of seed saving and protection and to help to return seed banks to their original purpose. 'being that of a back up for existing in situ conservation by farmers' (www.greennet.or)

Rice is the staple food for a large part of the world's population. The Thai government lead the way in Asia with its decision to stop field trials of GM crops in 2001. The agriculture ministry was ordered to withdraw approval for the trials to protect farmers, biodiversity and the environment from genetic pollution.'(the guardian, wednesday april 18, 2001) This year (2008) has seen an increase in the price of Rice due the current fuel crisis. Rice prices are expected to continue to increase. This project offers a small solution for future direction for local farmers. Rice demand recently outstripped supply. With the increase in urbanisation has come an increase in the demand for meat production, rice fields are being converted into places for live stock. There is a large knock on effect ocurring. Severe weather across Asia has also damaged production.With this project we wish to offer an alternative. This project encourages the sharing of resources and information, it is also about localisation . The economic and social impacts of this food crisis are having an impact on the livelihoods of poor farmers and communities.


a. Temescal Seed Swap

b. Nils Norman, 1999. "The Gerard Winstanley Radical Gardening Space Reclamation Mobile Field Center and Weather Station Prototype (NYC Chapter)

c. Mobile service vehicles in Chaing Mai, September 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Seoidin,

I have followed your adventures with interest. You seem to have done a lot. The mobile seed store is inspired. I would hope to meet you and Aoife when you return to Ireland to learn more. Regards, ll, Hilary