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'The Land' was initiated in 1998 by two Thai artists Kamin Lertchaiprasert and Rirkrit Tiravanija They bought a piece of land which is a 20 minute drive outside of Chaing Mai. Artist friends were asked to contribute by building structures on the site, inspired by buddhist meditation retreat sites. The Land is made up of 3/4's of water and 1/4 of land like that of the human body, there are 2 large rice field's, chickens and a vegetable garden with attempts to aim at sustainable living.' www.thelandfoundation.org
'The Land' has evolved after its first one year project and last year became 'The Land Foundation'. The Land Foundation is a platform of and for social engagement, experimental alternative education at the intersection of debate, and holistic learning. It is aiming to promote and support art and culture, natural farming and self-knowledge through Vipassana meditation. Its activities emphasise education, discussion of ideas, and knowledge-sharing." (www.thelandfoundation.org)

I am taking part as a part-time participant in One Year Project 2 with 'The Land Foundation'.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Artist Statement on Climate Change

Artist Statement on Climate Change for The Land Foundation: Seoidin O'Sullivan

Climate Change

Climate Change is the human race finally comprehending the impact our modern livelihoods and lifestyles are having on our natural environment. It is an opportunity for a large, collective realisation that some of our modern life choices and ways of living have a destructive effect on ourselves, our communities, other countries(usually poorer nations suffer the worst health consequences) and our planet. This knowing is not new. Many wise people have warned us about this over the last 100 years or more(see Silent Spring, Rachel Carson and The One Straw Revolution,Masanobu Fukuoka), but unfortunately we did not listen. Climate change is the environmental crisis reaching such a logger-head that the evidence can no longer be hidden or the truth denied. Averting or even slowing down Climate Change may seem like a daunting task, but many inspiring small-scale local projects all over the world give evidence that other ways of living and being are indeed possible. In order to address Climate Change we need to make lasting connections between the political, environmental, socio-economic and cultural facets of our lives. We need to comprehend that we all have a shared responsibility to bring about the necessary changes so that together we can set a new direction towards a more sustainable planet that works with and has a deep respect for nature.

Climate Change is a cultural as well as an environmental challenge. The Arts community globally (like so many other professional and business industries) has been very slow to even acknowledge climate change. Through cross disciplinary dialogues and the sharing of information and knowledge, we have the opportunity to creatively address and discover how this challenge can be met with solutions that will make a better world possible now and for the future.

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